For your enjoyment, I will continually place some of my latest favorite shots on this page.
If you see your horse or that of a friend, email me to receive FREE low resolution photos. 
   (I can only post a very limited number of photos on the site, so if you see one chances are I have  more than you see here.)
Contact me to by prints, greeting cards, and high resolution downloads.
I love photographing Horses especially in motion. There is something  indefineable about the horse--his kindness, his spirit, his graceful, spectacular movement.......

I visited my friend Kimberly Hart at her Sunland Ranch in San Diego last week. We--as well as the horses--had lots of fun playing and taking the photos below.

Visited Jennifer Rose a few days ago. It was so much fun and I got so many pictures that I like from her wonderful that I have gone completely overboard posting many more phots than I normally would from one shoot.
I went for a great walk on Morro Strand yesterday and was fortunate enough to meet some fun riders. Here are a few of the photos.

I stopped by  the Shadow Hills  Riding School scooling show in Los Osos Yesterday. it was a fun and pleasant setting and I  got a few fun photos.
I decided to have fun paying with a few of the phots and rather enjoyed the effect. Hope you do, too.


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