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Every criteria in the list, below, plays an important role in giving photos a "Wow Factor." and making them successful. :
1. They are eye catching--attract and guide the human eye.
2. They create a connection between the image and the viewer--either directly or as the result of a connection between two objects (subjects) in the image.
3. They stir emotion
4. They have a clear, strong, compelling story line. 
5. They have a clear point of interest (focus) where the viewer's eyes will (main character in story)
6. They include all pertinent details of the story and only those. Clone out all distractions either in camera or during post processing.
7. They lead the viewer's eyes through the photo along a clear, unobstructed cookie crumb trail without any confusion or cul-de-sacs.
8. They have a strong, dramatic flow that is suitable for the mood of the story.
9. They create an impact and leave the viewer feeling enriched from viewing them.
A Photo critique:
In my mind, the redeeming factor in this photo is the surprise factor and the humor.
It draws attention through story, color, and lines, and creates a connection to the viewer through the eye focuses on us and the obvious vocal command.
In a perfect world, the technical quality would probably have been a tad better.
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