Repetition is the mother of skill
Photography has two facets: art and craft. Art is the part of yourself you invest in your photography. Craft is the sum of your equipment--camera, lenses, lighting, software, etc.--- and your technical skill in wielding it.
Both facets are important, but whereas super strong art can make up for lacking technical quality.  can

About my new internet class:
As the class progresses you will recognize a number of photos that have been used before.
Mainly, it's because those pictures illustrate more than one piece of the information that I want to share. Another is that--once you start  juggling photos in a project it becomes very difficult--if not impossible  after a while-- to remember which ones you have already used. 
Be sure--if you see the same photos repeated endlessly--that it is one of my favorites and as such worth paying attention to.
Feel confident I have run out of photos to share. The number of photos you will be exposed to during the class will be  seemingly endless,