Life is great: focus on the essence;  come from the heart;  don't worry, be happy; be yourself; embrace the art of seeing,  and share the magic
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The most important thing for the success of photography--and any other project for that matter is that you and your viewers have fun and enjoy the process.
Frivolous, you may think. If so, think again. 
We live in an entertainment age. Unless your viewers have fun, they will look elsewhere. And nowadays there are a myriad of places for them to do so regardless of whether you are into art or advertising.
As for yourself, not only are you wasting your life if you are not having fun, but without it and passion, you will never reach the pinnacle. Sooner or later, you will burn out and run out of steam.
There is no one size fits all when it comes to photography. Prints have different requirements than online, Photos that look good on a large screen may not do so on a phone, etc.
Photos have a gazillion uses and each requires a different touch. And every photographer is an individual with a unique point of view.
The one thing every exceptional photographs share is zen, charisma, and a clear enticing story.
Rather than on settings and what buttons to push, the focus of my  latest internet class--The Zen of photography--charisma and storytelling will be be on honing YOUR voice, developing a style, and creating a wow factor. That is because, the technicalities of picture taking are readily available on the internet, but strong Zen, charisma, and storytelling--though vital to photographic success--are seldom talked about. 
The course of four sessions--one a week.  Each will be made up of content, assignment and critiques of some of my photos that are used.  If desired, you can purchase critiques of your own photos.​​​​​​​
Each session is filled with endless information puzzle pieces that at first may seem random. But towards the end of the class, they will have become assimilated in your mind to fit together in the manner of a completed jigsaw puzzle. 
Using your personal, prior knowledge, you will work on targeting a new mindset that focuses on satisfying YOUR personal needs and desires as a photographer.
Afterwards, by regularly employing YOUR new step by steps tactics of enthralling storytelling, Zen, and charisma, you will gradually make the new process an ingrown habit--the source of an unconscious, effective workflow for both  shooting and post processing.
Photography is visual communication--pure and simple. It is storytelling at its best.
Storytelling is about sharing emotions. It has been a part of human existence forever--at least since before the stone age.  Then people shared their experiences and fantasies vocally around the fires and visually through paintings in caves.
In an ever changing world, the basics of exceptional storytelling have remained unchanged. The principles are there for the taking and for you to use in elevating your photography to the next level.
"But I photograph objects--buildings, electronics, and such. That is not story," you may say. 
If so, you are mistaken. Everything  that involves emotion is story. 
Considering your chosen genre is all you photograph, you chances are you feel strongly about the subject it. If not--and you want to be successful-- it is most likely time for you to develop a passion for your chosen genre or shift to a  type of different motifs.​​​​​
Learning is the process of combining new information with the already
The price of the class itself is $80.00. On demand, optional, photo critiques--a package of four a week--cost $50.00. If you want even more photos critiqued, you can buy additional packages. You can use the form below to sign up or go to the Q&A  or contact page to do so or to get more information.
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Zen is the art of seeing, charisma,  connection, synchronicity, unity, and more
Thank you!
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